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Hi. I’m Rachel, welcome to the site.

I’m a creativity coach, professional performer and speaker.

            Coaching to inspire and challenge creatives to become all they can be

Creativity Coach

Coaching is increasingly recognised as an essential part of professional and personal development.

Today coaching is widely accepted as an essential process to develop your career, to get to the next level in your organisation, to make more money, to build better relationships, to develop stronger muscles or to attain new creative heights.

The main challenge facing creatives and entrepreneurs today is how to make measurable progress in a career where there is no job security and where high performance can be accompanied by loneliness, stress, pressure and sometimes burnout.

My role as a creativity coach is to encourage and challenge creatives and performers to become more themselves. And to remind them that life really can be exponential.

 Does this sound like you?

  • You are a high performer or a creative, and you aspire to reach the top of your profession.
  • You find it difficult to stay motivated even though you know you are capable of so much more.
  • You have achieved a good track record in your field and you are ready for support to achieve a goal that feels impossible right now.
  • You are committed and courageous.
  • You have big dreams of what’s possible and a feeling that you can achieve extraordinary things.

If these statements describe you, would you like to experience a powerful coaching conversation?

If you are keen to find out what a coaching conversation can be like, please send a message via the contact page.

If your answers to the questions I email back to you suggest we could work well together, I will find a time for us to talk about your current situation and your creative and professional ambitions. The conversation we have will be a gift from me to you. I will block out two hours for it. There will be no charge for this conversation and no obligation on either side to proceed any further.

If you are ready to invest in yourself, if you are ready to get your challenges handled and if you are ready to create an exciting future now, contact me and I could be your creativity coach for life.


“Rachel’s warmth and positive energy shine through in all circumstances. She really cares about her clients. Her gentle guidance will help you to flourish and succeed!”




“(Rachel) showed a great deal of insight and empathy, asked me some brilliant questions and led me to some important realisations.”




“Rachel was very helpful. She has a creative and “outside of the box approach” to problem-solving with an intuitive style.

 Even though I did not go to her expecting to be healed of a long term undiagnosed foot condition, I can contribute part of my healing process to my sessions with her.

This is because of the questions she asked me in that initial consultation, which opened my mind to the possibility of recovery. In a few short weeks I have experienced an outstanding improvement. She is also super lovely”



Meet Rachel Thompson

Hi. I’m Rachel. I’m a musician and a creativity coach. I’m passionate about the role of creativity in generating a vibrant and successful life.

Creativity Coach

I coach 2 types of people: those with a creative project to manage and complete, or the people who need to perform better at work.


Rachel speaks on the subject of creativity in the 21st Century and how high performance can futureproof your career.

Professional Performer

I am a violinist with extensive performance experience.